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Adding Numbers

Input: Standard Input (stdin)
Output: Standard Output (stdout)
Memory limit: 16 megabytes
Time limit: 0.2 seconds

Your Goal: Add two integers.

Input format

Two integers a and b will be given on a single line, separated by a single space. You must read these as inputs into your program. Don't use input prompts! Our servers will pretend to be you and try out several number combinations on your program. The server might test your program using any values of a and b which are between -1,000,000,000 and +1,000,000,000.

Output Format

You should print a single integer, the result of a+b, to the output.

Note: If you are confused about how input and output work when your program is being marked then try reading this: How to IO in Python. The same principles apply to all the languages we support. Remember that our servers will see your input and output separately, not mixed together like you do when testing in a console window.

  • Sample Input 1

    3 4

    Sample Output 1