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Input: Standard Input (stdin)
Output: Standard Output (stdout)
Memory limit: 64 megabytes
Time limit: 1.0 seconds

Plantain is a weed found on farms. If the percentage of plantain is low, the farm is considered healthy - suitable for crop growth the grazing by live stock. A farmer takes readings each year to determine the plantain saturation (as a percentage) of some paddocks on their farm. Your task is to process the plantain saturation data collected from the past three years and determine if a farm is healthy or unhealthy. If the crops are unhealthy, you must determine if the farmer should resow their land.

  • If the average (arithmetic mean) plantain saturation reading is \ge 12\% for each of the past three years then the farm is deemed to be unhealthy.
  • If the farm is unhealthy AND 50% or more of paddock readings for the most recent year have plantain saturation \ge 25\%, then the farmer should resow their land.
  • A farm is healthy for all other situations.


The first line will contain a single integer, N, the number of readings taken in the most recent year (1 \le N \le 200). The second line will contain N space-separated integers, the plantain saturation (as a percentage) for each paddock sampled that year. Each saturation reading will be an integer between 0 and 100 (inclusive).

This input format is repeated for the data collected in the two prior years. N might be different for each year.


You should output a single line containing either healthy, unhealthy, or resow, based on the above criteria.


  • Subtask 1 (40%): It is guaranteed that the farm will always be either healthy or unhealthy.
  • Subtask 2 (60%): No further restrictions apply.
  • Sample Input 1

    12 12 12
    12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12
    12 12

    Sample Output 1